Provide your long-term care pharmacy with accurate medication and prescription solutions with DeliveryTrack.

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Complete Peace of Mind for your LTC Delivery Process

"What really paid for DeliveryTrack was when we had an audit. We used to spend 60 hours of prep time for audits. Our prep time for audits is now minutes. All the delivery signatures end up in DocuTrack where we can use audit assist to pull the prescriptions and delivery signatures with a single search.”

Jamie Williams, IT Manager & Mike Sauer, Technology Manager - Williams Apothecary

Cost Savings

"Now we can track our drivers. We know how long it takes them to get from one facility to the next and we can modify our routes based on that.  It saves time and money." Amy Cruse, Operations Manager - AmPharm 

More Accountability

"DeliveryTrack is a great means of doing a check and balance of our audits, for our patients, and our company to ensure medications left the pharmacy and were delivered to our patients." Jorge Garrigo, Dir. of  Pharmacy Logistics - Leon Medical Centers

Better Service

"A patient or facility would call and say they didn't get a delivery. We were able to look up the delivery confirmation in DeliveryTrack, fax it to the, and they find they actually do have the medication." Boris Natenzon, Owner - Vitacare Pharmacy

"The biggest thing is that our customers are much happier.  When they call, we can give them an answer right then and there - who signed for it and when they signed for it."Curtis Poach - Pharmacy Consultant

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